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Graphic Specifications:

Supplying Logos & Graphics:

When supplying logos or graphic elements, it is recommended that they be in vector-format graphics such as EPS, PDF or AI files.

Vector Files:    

 - Vector files work best as they can be scaled to very large sizes

   without distortion. If possible, supply in Illustrator format, with all text

   made to outlines and all transparency flattened.


Image Files:

 - Image files such as JPG, BMP, or TIFF files use pixel data, which

   when scaled can become quite blocky. Jpeg files in particular can

   have blurry or grainy edges due to the fact they are a 'compressed'

   format. If no other option is available please make sure they are high 

   resolution, high quality and CMYK format.


Signage Artwork Specifications:

In order for Pyramid Displays to efficiently process supplied artwork, we ask that you send artwork to the following specifications:

Format:             Illustrator CS compatible EPS, PDF or AI file.

Bleed:               At least 10mm bleed is required, with 20mm required for sizes above 1000mm

Scale:               Artwork may be scaled to 15% or 10% if preferred (please indicate when doing so).

Resolution:       Resolution at 100% to be 150dpi

Output:             All text must be converted to curves/outlines, with filters, effects and transparency to be flattened.

Compression:   If using PDF, Jpeg compression is acceptable to reduce file size.

Colour:             CMYK only. Spot or RGB colours to be converted to CMYK otherwise unexpected results can occur.

Upload files:

                        Files can also be emailed to Pyramid Displays (up to 5mb content) or USB sticks can be sent directly to us.

Though all care will be taken, Pyramid Displays will take no responsibility for files supplied as low quality or in an incorrect colour format (e.g. RGB).